About Us

Founder / CEO

Ap. Bosio Eddie is the senior pastor of Back to Life Church (Ntinda, Kigowa), a 500 + member congregation.

Apostle Eddie is passionate about boldly sharing the truth, hope, and salvation that is found in Jesus Christ with all people. Married to Edith Nanteza, they together have four children; Edrine, Elnathan, Evelyne & Emmanuel. God uses Ap. Bosio in the anointing of revival ,healing & deliverance to set God's people free & a lot of people have testimonies through his ministry around the world.

The sole purpose of I'AM Radio is to lift up the name of Jesus across the country and the world through uncompromising biblical teaching.

It is our hope that lives would be changed as people place their faith in Jesus Christ, understand the truth of the Gospel and the word of God, and receive encouragement for their daily Christian walk.

Who we Are

The I'AM FM vision is to be at the centre of our community generating positive change, affirming positive life choices and promoting hope for the future through relevant radio programmes and great music.
Just as our community is diverse, so our playlist reflects this. I'AM FM is creating a main playlist which continues to evolve and provides you with a great soundtrack for your life. We avoid playing lyrics that promote negative life choices and detrimental opinions of others so you can listen with confidence.
The radio station studio and admin offices are located in Ntinda. I'AM FM signal on 104.3 MHz FM serves the community that surrounds us and has the potential to reach an audience of 125,000 people. We also have a strong following via the internet online platforms with listeners streaming in over 190 countries around the world listening at all times of the day and night.
I'AM FM does not subscribe to any particular church denomination or particular doctrinal position. I'AM is a Christian based community radio station in Uganda, operating under a Community Radio Licence.
Through one person, we can reach a family. By reaching a family, we can reach a city. And by reaching a city, we can reach a nation. By reaching our nation, we can then impact the world.


Partnering for the Furtherance of the Gospel across Uganda & the World

Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit." - The apostle Paul's passion related to monetary giving from Philippians 4:17 Donate to I'AM Radio General Operations: we use this for all expenses related to owning and operating this radio station on local frequency/online & other repeaters. Specific items include licensing expenses for the UCC, music rights usage, taxes, missionary housing maintenance expenses, transportation to translator sites for maintenance, satellite space, etc. To donate / inquire about donations, please contact us: email: iamradio104.3fm@gmail.com, or call: +256775130438, or visit us at our headquarters in Ntinda.

Other ways to Partner

Prayer Partner

Prayer Partners are undoubtedly the most important way you can partner with our ministry! While financial donations are necessary, prayer support is absolutely vital! A Prayer Partner will pray for the people and ministry of I'AM on a regular basis. If you can commit as a Prayer Partner, please let us know by sending us a message.

Spread the Word

Spread the word about I'AM Radio 104.3Fm through our social networks! We're now on Facebook, with regular updates! Help us spread the word about God's radio ministry across Uganda and the world through these social tools already popular today! May Jesus fame spread!
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Call us:
Ntinda town.
P.O Box 126 Kampala, Uganda
E-mail: iamradio104.3fm@gmail.com
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